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Follow these 10 tips to have the most magical micro wedding

Follow these 10 tips to have the most magical micro wedding

There are many ways to have a beautiful, intimate and magical wedding. Whether it's a small gathering with close friends and family or a surprise ceremony on the beach, all you need is love and a little imagination.

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If you're planning your own micro wedding, here are 10 tips to help make it more magical:

1. Choose a theme. Micro weddings are all about embracing the idea of celebrating in your own way, so why not go all out with a theme? A fairy tale or fantasy theme can be perfect for your micro wedding, but don't discount other options like a beach or garden theme or even something more modern and urban. Themes can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be – the important thing is that they help you set the tone for your special day!

2. Smaller guest list. One of the best things about having a smaller wedding is that it allows you more flexibility with your guest list. Having fewer people at your wedding means that each guest can get more attention from you and your partner before and during the ceremony. A smaller guest list also means less pressure when it comes to planning seating arrangements!

3. Less Stressful Day Overall. With a micro wedding, there's no need to spend months or even years planning every detail of your big day. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy your engagement period, as well as the actual day itself. Plus, you don’t have to entertain a large crowd which is immediately less dramatic.

4. Decorations. Decorations are essential when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests, so take some time to think about what kind of decorations will really add some magic to your day. If you're having an outdoor venue, then flowers and fairy lights will be a great way to add colour, ambience and texture without taking up too much space or being too heavy. If you're indoors, then lights are also an option – but keep them subtle so they don't distract from anything else going on in the room.

5. Get creative with your wedding venue. The possibilities are endless, from parks and beaches to rooftops and backyards. If you have friends or family houses that have enough space for everyone to spread out, this is an excellent option for keeping costs down. You can also try renting out a small venue or opting for an outdoor wedding where the ceremony and reception will be hosted in nature. We would advise to always have a plan B when it comes to an outdoor location – either a marquee or a covered area.

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6. Make your dream dress a reality. If you've been dreaming of spending hours in a bridal shop, trying out dresses or envisioning tailoring a unique one, then this is your chance! The best part of micro weddings is that they give you all the space you need to do what you love the most – being creative together.

Now that you have your perfect dress picked out, don't forget about all the other little things such as shoes, jewellery, flowers… You don't need much of any of these things to make your micro wedding spectacularly magical – just enough so that everyone knows how much effort went into making it happen!

7. Optimise your big day. A micro wedding is centred around the love between the couple, and the people who are there to celebrate with them. It's also an opportunity for some much-needed self-care for the bride and groom.

With a micro wedding, you get all of the fun without any of the stress. You can have a venue that's just as pretty as any other wedding venue but without the crowding and chaos that comes with having lots of guests. You can invest in a photographer who really knows how to capture your personality instead of spending hours posing on a fancy lawn.

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8. Go somewhere magical! There are many benefits to having a small wedding. The most important one is that it gives greater ability to travel to a dream location. If you want to get married on a tropical island or at the beach, but can't afford the cost of such an extravagant affair, then this is definitely for you!

9. More money to spend on a dream theme. The best thing about an intimate wedding is that you don't have to spend so much time and money on planning. With fewer people on your guest list, you can focus more on the details that matter most to you and your partner.

With a micro wedding, you will have more money to spend on a dream theme than if you were planning an elaborate affair. So take advantage of this and plan something that's truly special to you and your partner. You could choose anything from Parisian chic to beachside nuptials – just make sure it suits your personality and the vision you have for your big day!

10. Hire professionals for key details like flowers, music, and photography. Your guests will remember these things more than anything else about your day, so make sure they're done right by hiring professionals who know what they're doing! If you love DIY projects but aren't sure how to put them together yourself, or if you just don't have time – hire someone else! Your guests will appreciate knowing that everything was thoughtfully planned out ahead of time, so they can relax and enjoy themselves even more than they would have otherwise.

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We think that a creative, relaxed mindset goes a long way when it comes to planning your micro wedding. And no matter what your opinions on our tips may be, the most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself and your significant other. If you're enthusiastic about your alternative wedding, that enthusiasm will be passed on to others. And if you're passionate about the details of your event, it is bound to turn out even more magical than you could possibly imagine.

If you're still unsure what steps to take, or if you have questions, we encourage you to check out our past blog articles for more information on all things weddings. Also, don’t forget to head over to our shop and discover magical wedding dress options to compliment your theme!

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