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Trending Alternative Weddings

Trending Alternative Weddings

Your big day, your rules! We know that every couple wants to remember their most memorable day in a way that best represents their unique selves. This is the reason why we are totally into the out-of-the-box alternative weddings that are becoming so popular nowadays. Couples are now moving towards a more nontraditional approach to tying the knot as they see it as something that resonates with them more.

First things first, what are alternative weddings? It is a nontraditional wedding where most (if not all) rules and expectations during a conventional marriage ceremony are skipped. This is when a bride may wear a black wedding dress instead of the accustomed pure white dress. It is also when couples, who don't feel comfortable with most ceremonial practices, replace or remove them totally on their special day.

Despite comfort and lifestyle being the core reason for opting for a nontraditional wedding, you will need to plan it no matter what. Actually, it can be quite challenging since you will personalize everything, but it will definitely be worth it. Nonetheless, breaking away from every marriage custom that you don't feel like doing will require detailed planning. That being the case, we've listed down below a simple guide in planning your unconventional wedding.


Plan early 

Depending on how big your union is, we highly suggest providing you with enough time to plan and prepare. That way, you can avoid being stressed out. 

Choose what style you prefer

There are a lot of styles you can pick for your unique day. You can see a lot of inspiration online. All you have to do is to visualize yourself in it. Here are some of the eccentric styles you can choose from:

Festival celebration

A style fit for the summer and for couples who love music. Just hire live music, choose an open space for tents or marquee, add a couple of fairy lights or Edison bulbs, and you're ready to go.

Eco-friendly ceremony

Let your value shine on your chosen style by going for sustainability. Avoid waste by using recycled, upcycled, low-impact products for your ceremony. 

Minimalist union

Are you a couple who loves to keep it as simple as possible? As they say, less is more. Go for a neutral aesthetic and a venue completely clear of clutter. 

Travel theme

This is perfect for adventurous couples who love to travel. You can incorporate your wanderlust by choosing decorations that show how much you love traveling.

Great Gatsby party

You can go for a black and gold color theme for a luxurious celebration. Pick a fancy hotel for your venue and let your guests go bold and glitzy with their outfits.

Rustic theme

This theme is usually done in a natural setting, with abundant woods and leaves. Also, it's more cozy and laid-back compared to other styles.

Bohemian style

This is more for the free-spirited as this style aims to achieve effortless elegance. You can go for something whimsical for a more daring approach.

Gothic style

Dark and moody location and tones that add the perfect amount of drama will evoke the romantic gothic flair! Colors like black, burgundy, dark emerald, and purple and some of the tones that can let your vision unfold seamlessly.

Set a reasonable budget and follow it

Defining your budget from the very beginning will help you be on track with your spending.

Finalize your guest list

The beauty of alternative weddings is that you can decide to have minimal guests or no guests at all. It's clearly up to you. 

Set preferred dates

It's plural so that you already have an alternative date in case your first option doesn't work out on your venue's availability.

Search for suppliers that share the same values as you

We highly suggest looking for suppliers already used to working on a nontraditional wedding. That way, you are sure that you are already aligned with how you want your special day to turn out.

Book a venue

Find a venue that will make your vision come true and ask if they are open to your unorthodox style. It's best to inform them what they can expect so that they can assist you properly on that day.

Look for a bridal boutique

If you're planning to break traditions with your wedding outfit you should look for boutiques that offer you a lot of options. We do have all the varieties of dresses, from black and bold colors to lolita and fiber optic dresses, plus accessories to go with it that you can choose from.

Hire a photographer

You would want to capture every moment of your unique and special day as much as possible. That's when hiring a photographer comes in. Your photos will be an excellent way for you to remember your unconventional wedding. 

Enjoy the freedom!

Last but not least, enjoy the freedom in planning your wedding without restrictions that come with a traditional ceremony. 

© Artem Zakharov

The freedom of an unconventional wedding is the reason why it became a top choice for couples who seek to have a one-of-a-kind way of celebrating their union. Here are some favorite alternative wedding ideas that couples incorporate on their big day:

Using a magical venue that will make your vision come true

Go for a non-basic venue that can accommodate how you imagine your wedding day to be. You can even go to unexpected places to get married if you want. 

Plan an entire wedding weekend

Why stick with the usual one day if you can celebrate for an entire weekend? It will be like a fun vacation for you and some of your guests.

Create an unexpected wedding theme

Contrary to the typical themes, your imagination is the limit. Don't limit yourself to what you've seen from other couples who tied the know. Do something that resonates with you more. It's your day, after all! 

Tie the knot with a celebrant

Have a celebrant officiate the ceremony for you. That way, you have more flexibility on how you want everything done. You can also choose someone you already know to do it for you, which will add a more intimate feel to your iconic day.

Putting your new twist on tradition

If you don't want to skip on the traditional ways, you can put your very own twist to it. A good example would be bridesmaids still wearing the same dress type but different colors. Another would be having your pet as your ring bearer. You can make it more you by putting your very own touches on an already existing tradition.

Wearing a black wedding dress (or any color you like!)

Gone are the days that brides should only wear white on their big day. You can have a colorful or black wedding dress if you want! The important thing is that you are comfortable with it and it is what you really want.

© Artem Zakharov

If you're currently engaged and find yourself attracted to alternative weddings, we do recommend it because of how liberating it is to do things your way. Why not flaunt your authentic style? Trust us, you'll love it! Also, if you decide to have one, you may shop and purchase our products to get started with tailoring your unique vision!


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