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Brand Story

About Us

Is your wedding dream over the top? Are you looking for a unique look that will make you stand out on your big day? At Freya's Fantasy Weddings, we have the styles to make any wedding your fairytale.

Our Boutique is a licensed and insured LLC operating out of the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. We are primarily an online retailer and partner with both our own manufacturers, as well as established suppliers from around the world.

We are a small Woman owned business with a passion for fantasy, self expression, and diversity. We love things that are a bit more on the eccentric side and we love to make a statement! We support all people in their self expression and aim to be inclusive of all people regardless of identity, race, or size. If you have a non-traditional dream wedding that you want to see come true we're here for you! We also offer a large selection of Bridal Accessories, Fine & Alternative jewelry options, and much more!

Meet The Owner

Ayra Rehberg

As a lifelong nerd, lover of all things fantasy, and a proverbial black sheep I decided to pursue my dream of opening an Alternative Bridal Boutique for those looking to break the mold and find options that truly express who they are.

Before switching over to the world of fantasy weddings and fashion I worked for years as a Program & Case Manager providing care and support to the homeless community of WNC. My degree background is Human Services and at the core of all that I do I want to support people in realizing their dreams. This goes for dress design/shopping as much as it goes for working with people in some of the most vulnerable times of their lives. I believe that in embracing the magic around us and expressing who we are, as opposed to what the world expects us to be, that we can begin to truly open up a different world for both ourselves and others.

If you would like to read more about my story you can check out the editorial done on Freya's Fantasy Weddings in the Outrageous Brides magazine below 🖤

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Why Choose Us?

Unique Designs & Skilled Tailors

Our goal as a specialty bridal boutique is to offer unique and handpicked selections to meet the needs of those brides looking for non traditional or fantasy style wedding options. Although we do offer some traditional styles as well, our primary focus is on alternative styles.

We partner with manufacturers from around the world including the US, China, Japan, Ukraine, & Finland. No matter where they are designing and manufacturing from we ensure that only the best manufacturing processes are followed, as well as care for their employees and the process. Not only that, but it is extremely important to us that our designers have built a reputation and have long term experience in designing and creating the dresses that we love. The majority of our partners have been in the industry for over a decade and boast a high approval rating from other companies who they either currently or previously partner with. Our team is just as important as our customers and we strive to only provide the best whether that be with our tailors directly, or with the brands & suppliers we choose to partner with.

Focus on Quality

We aim to offer wedding dresses in all price ranges, but more than that our goal is quality. We do not cut corners when it comes to the creation of our dresses. All of our dresses are handmade so there is always the possibility of human error, but our design teams are typically small and they put a lot of effort into ensuring that everything is done just right. However, it is also important to understand what you can get within each price range. Our budget gowns will not have the same quality fabrics as our higher priced gowns, but they will still be made with care and the best fabrics for their price range. You can check out our Wedding Dress cost infographic on our FAQs page for a better breakdown of what goes into the price of a Wedding Dress

Mutually Supportive Partnerships

Our designers are more than just suppliers, they are leaders in their industry and share many of our goals and interests. They believe in providing their retailers with the best so that we can in turn do the same. They are humans with dreams, goals, and aspirations and at the end of the day we are all in this together to make ours and our customers dreams come true.

No Middle Man Means Better Pricing

Pricing items as a retailer can be tricky, especially when items often run through multiple companies before ending up in stores. By working directly with our own manufacturers for the majority of our options we are able to better provide competitive and reasonable pricing options for quality dresses, rather than going through large corporations to cut costs. For some items such as accessories we may ship designer direct in order to keep our pricing more affordable, but this does not affect the quality of what you are recieving.

We Value our customers as well as our staff

We believe in quality customer service and working with our customers to provide a satisfactory experience. If a manufacturing flaw happens on our end or if an item does not meet the clients expectations we will do everything in our power to work with them within our policies. We know that buying online can come with many challenges, uncertainties, and headaches and we want to support each customer in making sure they get what they were expecting. This doesn't mean that we can please everyone all of the time and we highly encourage each customer to read over descriptions, policies, and shipping times. However, we will always do our best to work with each customer no matter the circumstance. We also care for our staff and quality customer service does not mean that we subject our team to abusive or aggressive language and we do hold the right to refuse service to any customer if they choose to be derogatory towards our staff. We are here for you, but we are human too and hope to solve any issue in a mutually respectful way ❤️

“Thank you so much for everything! You were amazing to work with and we just fell in love with all of our attire! It was truly the dark and moody day of our dreams.”

– Kari

“Putting on this dress and seeing myself in the mirror made me feel like the perfect bride!!! I felt like a Queen !! And when I walked down the aisle everyone was amazed and loved the dress from the veil to the color to the train !! And the first dance was covered in my beautiful ball gown it was jus perfect !! I am so grateful and will forever be a client and refer ppl to this company. They were attentive caring compassionate and just amazing !!! My day was perfect because I had the perfect dress !!”

– Cynthia

“I just wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU!!!! 💜💜💜 My Liayra showed up this afternoon and it’s everything I ever wished for. Thanks for being a part of making my wedding dreams a reality!”

– Erika

“I Absolutely love this dress, my wedding is this October and I can't wait to wear it!! I will be recommending your site to everyone I know”

– Melissa

Photography rights

We own the licenses and rights to all of the visual photography featured on our site alongside the models & photographers. The majority of product & studio photos are the property of our tailors, designers, & suppliers and all product photos are listed in agreement and under contract. As such all photography on our site is protected by either our own rights & licenses or those of our partners and cannot be used without the proper permissions.

Photographers featured on our site are -

Ivana Desancic Photography, Rico Allende Photography, Jabu Studios, & Irina Kharchenko

Freya's Fantasy Featured Models Are -

Acadia Rose, Yenezbah Arch, & Ayra Rehberg

Brands that we carry

We value quality suppliers and outside of our own brand here are a few of the brands you can find in our Boutique currently or are coming soon ❤️

Enchanted Bridal (UK)

Simona Maghen (US)

Sugarlips (US)

Genavieve The Label (US)

Mariell (US)

Blood Supply (CN)

Uwowo (CN)

Devil Fashion (CN)

Three Point Delusion (CN)