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About Us

We are a small specialty boutique that works directly with our own designers & tailors, as well as partnered brands. We love what we do and want to change the way weddings are viewed with a shift towards more modern and alternative designs. As a small woman owned boutique our focus is on equity, inclusion, and bringing people together through a love of fantasy.

Because we are a small specialty business there are some important things to consider when ordering from us and you can find the most commonly asked questions, as well as important boutique information, listed below

Boutique FAQs & Policies

What Goes Into The Cost Of A Wedding Dress?

1. Production Type

The type of production used has one of the biggest impacts on price. It is easy to find lower priced dresses when they are mass manufactured by factories, but prices start to rise when dresses are handmade/produced to order as they are more labor intensive and there is often much more attention to detail that machines cannot provide

2. Standard vs Custom Sizing

Tailoring costs should always be considered when buying any dress, but there is a big difference between tailoring a standard size option and getting a completely custom sized dress. Many women will opt to get a standard size to save on costs and find a tailor to tuck in/resize specific areas. Other customizations can also add to price

3. Embellishments

Embellishments on a dress can vary greatly and can include simple beading to more extravagant forms of embroidery and bead work. This ties into the handsewn vs machine made aspects of production & cost as hand beaded/embroidered is time intensive and often leads to better quality work. The types of beading can also affect price such as crystals, rhinestones, pearls, etc.

4. Material Types

No matter where you are in the world you will not be able to buy high quality fabrics at unreasonably low prices. However, you can find many imitations and replacement fabrics that can still create beautiful dresses. Really this is up to personal preference, but remember to have realistic expectations when looking at pricing. You cannot expect chiffon and silk at the price of polyester and satin, although these fabrics can still make beautiful dresses.

5. Specialty Boutique vs Corporation

This goes without saying, but corporate chains will often always be able to provide lower pricing due to larger factories, mass production techniques, and larger sales volumes. Specialty boutiques like us offer unique and handmade items, but have longer production times, smaller manufacturing facilities, and put more focus on quality over quantity

Photography Rights

We own the licenses and rights to all of the visual photography featured on our site alongside the models & photographers. The majority of product & studio photos are the property of our tailors, designers, & suppliers and all product photos are listed in agreement and under contract. As such all photography on our site is protected by either our own rights & licenses or those of our partners and cannot be used without the proper permissions.

Photographers featured on our site are -

Ivana Desancic Photography, Rico Allende Photography, Jabu Studios, & Irina Kharchenko

Freya's Fantasy Featured Models Are -

Acadia Rose, Yenezbah Arch, & Ayra Rehberg

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