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Halloween Wedding Inspiration

Halloween Wedding Inspiration

Halloween Wedding Inspiration

We're back with another round of wedding inspiration, this time in the form of a Halloween-themed event!

We love Halloween, and we love weddings – so we thought why not combine the two in this blog post? We've seen so many couples take their love for this spooky holiday and include it in their own celebration, and we've gotten some great tips for how to make your big day stand out from the crowd.

We know that you are eager to learn all about how to incorporate this theme, so get comfortable and let’s take a look at how to plan your own Halloween wedding!

Halloween Wedding Venue Options

Several venues are exceptionally well suited for Halloween events, from a historical Victorian manor house to an outdoor venue at nightfall; where you decide to host your alternative wedding is entirely up to you. 

If you want your guests to come in costumes, consider renting out an old mansion or historic building – they usually have the best ambiance. You can also check out local museums or hotels; they may offer special rates during off-peak times. And don't forget about outdoor spots like parks and gardens, especially if you're planning an evening affair.

Invitation Ideas

Halloween wedding invitations are a fun way to let your guests know that you're having a themed wedding. There are so many different styles of spooky-themed invitations, from cute and cuddly to ghostly and scary. You can even have a combination of both!

You don't have to stick with traditional orange and black colors either. You can use burgundy, white, green, jewel tones, or any other color combination you want if you feel it fits your style.

Halloween Wedding Dress Ideas

The bride’s wedding dress will set the tone for the entire event. It’s not just about being unique – it’s about having fun with your personal style. If you want to go with a Halloween theme, here are some ideas to help you choose an alternative wedding dress that fits your style!

  • Gothic Wedding Dress: Gothic themes are often dark and gloomy, but there is also elegance and beauty in this style. These types of dresses often feature long flowing skirts or dramatic tulle galore, and corsets that accentuate curves. Dark colors such as gray, ruby, purple, emerald, and of course, a black wedding dress are the perfect choices for this style.

  • Victorian Wedding Dress: A Victorian wedding dress is full of lace, ruffles, and frills. These dresses are typically short in length with high waists and puffy sleeves, and they also have lots of layers of fabric on them to create volume and fullness. The most common colors used are black, white, or ivory, with hints of red or blue ribbons throughout the gown.

  • Masquerade Wedding Dress: The masquerade wedding dress is a style that is full of sparkle and shine. This dress style has many embellishments, such as rhinestones or crystals, which are usually placed on the bodice and sleeves. And the skirt can also be adorned with lace or ribbon trimming to add more details.

Floral Design Ideas For Your Halloween Wedding

Black and white floral arrangements are always popular and can work perfectly for Halloween-themed weddings. For your bouquet, you can use black roses, black orchids, or black calla lilies with white accents. If you want to make things more interesting, try using different colored flowers, such as purple or red roses, instead of just white ones for your bridal bouquet. Or you could also try using pumpkin blossoms instead of flowers in your bouquet if you want something more seasonal and autumnal!

Halloween Bride's Jewelry Headpieces & Hair Options

For brides who want their iconic day to reflect their personality, Halloween offers an array of options for hair and headpieces. There are many ways to rock this popular trend, from crystal crowns to tiaras.

A crystal crown is a delicate piece that can be worn as a headband or hairpiece, and it will add a touch of sparkle to your look while keeping things elegant. We think the bride should wear her hair down and let the crystals on her headband shine! 

If you want something more dramatic, consider wearing an elaborate tiara. And they come in many different styles and colors, so you can find one that fits your personality perfectly!

Or if you're after a more casual style, try wearing a halo crown instead! As this is another popular gothic wedding trend for brides who want something different but still want to show off their chicness!

Engagement Photo Op Ideas

You can do so many fun things for your engagement photo shoot! For example, try taking photos where pumpkins or gourds are growing, as this will give your pictures a rustic feel that goes perfectly with Halloween weddings. You could also take pictures in front of a haunted house or even in an actual cemetery if you want to get really creative!

Wedding Reception Theme Ideas

Halloween is the perfect time to go all out with your reception theme and decorations. From black or alternative cakes to potion cocktails, here are some ideas for making your gothic wedding reception extra spooky.

Potion Cocktails

Incorporate some potion-inspired drinks into your bar menu and make them extra colorful by adding some food coloring to different types of alcohol.

Candle Lights

A beautiful centerpiece can be created by placing candles in a large jar or vase filled with water and floating candles on top of it. Use tall candle holders on either side of your head table for an elegant look that will instantly transform any space into something magical!

Black or Alt Cake

A traditional wedding cake is usually white, but why not break the mold and serve a black or alternative-colored cake instead? This is a great way to add a bit of fun to your day, and it will make your guests feel like they're at a truly unique event.

Hopefully, our ideas have inspired you to tailor your own Halloween wedding. If you're looking for more ideas, we encourage you to check out our boutique at Freya's fantasy weddings! We have everything from Black Wedding Dresses, Formal Suits, Crystal Crowns, and Alt. Headpieces, Black Wedding Veils, Gothic Bridal Jewelry, and much more!

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