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Custom Dress Request

Looking to design your dream dress? Your journey begins here.

Check out our previous custom dresses, submit your ideas for quotation, explore our AI inspiration galleries, & purchase custom design drawings through this page 🖤

*You can find our quote form at the bottom of this page*

Things to consider when deciding what style of dress you want -


*Color & Pattern

*Train Length

*Bodice Style

*Sleeve Style

*What's Your Inspiration

*Wedding Theme

*Time of year

*Personal Budget

Custom Illustration

If you have a vision for your dream dress that you would like to take a step further than simply submitting reference photos we can help you create your own design illustration. We work directly with our own fashion illustrator and can use these illustrations to create the final design. It's a great way to get a visual if you are combining designs or starting from scratch. We offer both Front View Only or Front & Back View Illustrations which can be purchased below. However, please reach out to us or fill out our quote form before purchasing to make sure we have all of the information needed to create your design.

Get Inspired with our ai generated designs (Coming Soon)

Galleries were created by the Freya's Fantasy Weddings team using the Midjourney AI

Anime & Video Game Inspired Wedding Dress Designs

"Viking" Inspired Wedding Dress Designs

Gothic & Victorian Inspired Wedding Dress Designs

Custom Dress Inquiry