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We have started utilizing AI generators to create and visualize new conceptual designs, as well as offer new tools for customization. These images were created using prompts and then further developing those into what is seen here. You are welcome to use them as inspiration and we would be happy to help you custom create your perfect dress based on these designs.

As these Viking inspired wedding dresses are AI generated we cannot make them exact (mostly in the sense of the designs on some of the fabrics), but we can use these images as foundations for custom dresses.

Our AI inspiration posts are created to offer better visualization for custom dress ideas and as a way for us to expand on our own design concepts. We are excited about the new design options that can be made using this program and would be happy to help you create your perfect dress using one of these designs 🖤

If you are interested in learning more about custom orders you can email us at or submit a contact request through this link