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Online Shopping & Fraud Awareness

Shopping online has opened the world of retail and design to many new possibilities making it easier for both buyers and sellers to reach areas that would not be possible with only a brick and mortar. However, it has also opened up the ability for multiple illegitimate companies to make a quick buck at the cost of those hoping to find their dream dress. This can happen in a number of ways as brides to be go online to look for wedding dresses, especially "budget" or "cheap" wedding dresses. There are multiple legitimate suppliers where a cheap dress is possible, but many counterfeit or fraudulent sites will prey on those looking for something within a budget or promise designer dresses at a discount. When buying online there are multiple red flags and things to look for to make the process easier and less stressful.

Be Mindful on the Quality 

And no, not all China-made dresses are of low quality and considered "cheap Chinese fakes." The reality is 80% of wedding dresses are manufactured in China. These are dresses with names and brand designs that show that quality shouldn't be based on where a design is made. Unless a boutique is creating their dresses, chances are their wedding dresses for sale online are coming from China or overseas. At the same time, branded clothes don't automatically translate to good quality as cheap and fake websites are all over the internet nowadays. 

Prioritize Credibility of the Shop

Let's say you want to order an alternative wedding dress online and make sure that you get what you pay for. You can't base the quality of the dress just by looking at the picture. But you can use this photo to spot cheap and fake websites as they use stolen pictures from both brand names & manufacturers. It can be a red flag when a shop can't provide its own portfolio – unless they buy wholesale from manufacturers who also supply for other companies like us, so sometimes these images can appear in between sites. When buying a wedding dress online, it's just a matter of who can only provide actual photos as opposed to "reference" photos for their goods.

But, how does one know which business is actually sourcing from the real supplier? This can be really tricky as the online world can be like the wild west at times. Pictures from legitimate suppliers can begin showing up on less reputable sites, making it so much harder to sort out who is actually sourcing from the real supplier. However, the presence of the following can help measure the credibility of a business when buying a wedding dress online: 

Google Business Account Set-up

Business Licenses

Actual Website Domain

Clear Business Policies

Open to Returns

Guarantees Legitimacy

Contact Page to Communicate to Customers

Transparent Manufacturing Practices

Legalities of Photos

Although there is a higher risk of choosing among wedding dresses for sale online, there are also a lot of reputable and high-quality stores you can find on the big worldwide web. We suggest always doing your research first on the credibility of the online shop before you add it to the cart.

Consider What You Get In Each Price Range

The cost is probably one of the reasons why a bride tends to order a wedding dress online, as it is easier to navigate their options based on the price range. However, although you can get a decent gown at various price ranges, it is essential to understand what you get at each price range. A lot goes over into the price of a dress, including production, customization, embellishments, materials, and whether it is a specialty boutique dress or one produced by a corporate chain. Read more about this on our FAQs page

Be Selective With Your Payment Option

It is convenient if a shop offers many options as a mode of payment. It somehow shows that it is already an established one. However, using a credit card is a better option for security purposes – there are more consumer protections. 

We hope these tips guide you when buying a wedding dress online. If you need a design that definitely has all the things you need to consider, don’t look any further as we can give you exactly what you desire! Feel free to browse through our shop and buy your dream gown!

We are aware of many of the wholesale and manufacturer photos being stolen en masse and appearing on other sites and 3rd party apps. These include many questionable and counterfeit sites and we cannot guarantee the legitimacy or quality of these dresses. We partner directly with manufacturers, designers, and other brands who have proven their quality of work and who provide their own portfolios. We do not use or accept reference photos from our suppliers and require samples of their work before partnering with them. Many of our suppliers do not sell or allow sales of their products on sites such as Amazon, Etsy, or other open marketplaces as these are hubs for counterfeit, copies, and bait and switch goods. If you see one of our dresses being sold on these sites it is likely being used as a reference photo; although, it is also possible that there is a crossover in the supplier and the seller is looking for the quickest way to sell. Overall, we have no control over this and can only guarantee the products that we offer directly on our site. If you would like to see our current list of brands that we offer outside of our own please check the About page.